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昆苗 Marine Parade

Blk 56 Marine Terrace #01-251 Singapore 440056

昆苗 Marine Parade

昆苗第一家店就开在淡滨尼以外的店面。 也是第一家店铺, 老老板和蔼可亲, 和居民们很快就打成一片。 老老板的书法 及心算了得, 很多顾客都来挑战他。

First Koon Miao's store outside of Tampines. It is also a first shopfront. The amiable owner gets along well with the residents. His calligraphy skills get him the must go person for helping those who wants to have a bespoke handwritten tablet for their house. He is also good with mental arithmetic where he gets day to day challenge by customers, who doesn't believe he is that accurate as the calculator.

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