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7th month - Ghost Festival

15th of July  is a festival for different religious, to Taoist, it is called the Zhong Yuan Jie. To Buddhism, it is called the Yu Lan Pen Festival, it is a a mixture of local culture that are more inclusive for all to celebrate and worship both their own ancestors and those who are the lost souls.

This festival originated from a mid year farming harvest period, whereby people hold rituals to worship their ancestors for the good harvest. They offer seasonal products, the taste  of the fruits of their labor, to their almighty god and  pray for a good harvest in the coming year.


It is also said to be the period when the hell gate open its way for all souls to be able to wander into the human world. Those with family will enjoy the descendent's offering to them. Those without family will then wander on the streets for offerings provided by all. As this is a feasting period for all souls. This is also a period whereby the Taoists will conduct rituals to save the soul of the dead so that they will be able to go through recairnation soon. 

Ritual of souls, is a process that people will choose a day to hold sacrificial activities with sacrifices such as wine, meat, sugar cakes, and fruits to comfort the ghosts of the world. It can be held in any day in the lunar 7th Month., this is also a prayer for  safety and prosperity throughout the year.

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