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"Lord of the Land"

Every 10th of the 1st to 5th month of the lunar calendar is the Lord of the Land's birthday. The LandLord belongs to Yin god, “Five direction and five land dragon gods' ' refers to the five that control the east, south, west, north, and central. “Land dragon god”, in feng shui, represents five directions and five lands that can absorb wealth and make a family wealthy.


The landlord (Five direction and five land dragon gods) and the land (the land at the door) are actually two different gods. The Lord of the land is outside the main house door, the dragon god is inside the master house and is at home, so don't mix up, one is exit and the other is entry!


Worship the landlord master on that day, you can make a fortune and gain wealth, family safe and healthy, business booming. If you encounter bad luck for your career or business problems, sincerely worship and there will be unexpected results.


Worship offering for the landlord's birthday

  • Five fruits: big pomelo, pear, tangerine, banana, fortune sponge cake

  • To burn gold and silver paper separately, it is not appropriate to throw the whole stack into the stove.

  • God censer, landlord amulet, gold and silver dragon, dragon robe, gold and silver paper.

  • Water, candy or gold chocolate

  • Use paper to fold pineapples (represent gold luck)


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