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Tian Gong Dan
#Hokkien's Thanksgiving


Tiangong’s birthday is the birthday of the Jade Emperor

A major worship event for the Hokkiens

​#Hokkien's Thanksgiving

The origin of BAITIANGONG

Worship Tiangong every ninth of the beginning of the month! Tiangong's birthday is the birthday of the Jade Emperor and is a very important day for people in Fujian province.


Folk said nine is the number heaven began and earth ended, it is the origin of all things. Therefore nine is recognized as the largest number, representing infinite. Taoism refers every 9th of the beginning of the lunar calendar as the Jade Emperor God's birthday, and now the folk call it "Heaven's Birthday".


Legend explained that in the Ming Dynasty, during the year of the Lunar New Year, the Japanese in the Fujian coastal area killed and set fire, looting property, causing the villagers to run for their life. Villagers escape to the remote countryside in the dark, they fled into the sugar cane forest and managed to flee from the Japanese. That day is the ninth day of the New Year. Those who fled were grateful to Tiangong who saved their lives. So every year in the early morning of the ninth day of the New Year, they begin to worship the Tiangong for this life-saving grace. 



Noodle 3 bundles, 5 types of fruits, pineapples,  tangerine, dates, oranges, apples.

Avoid using chayote and tomatoes. Must have fortune sponge cake and ang ku kueh.


Do you know that the offering table can be divided into "top table" and "down table", and the order of arrangement is very particular! On the "top table" are placed lamp holders, flowers, pineapples, grapefruits, etc., followed by 3 teas and 5 wines, followed by 5 fruits and 6 vegetarian meals, all of which are dedicated to the Jade Emperor. "Downtable" is dedicated to five animals and sweets (fagao, red turtle cakes, etc.), used to worship the Jade Emperor's "subordinates".


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