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Same same but different

Do you know there are different Gold and silver paper offerings for different dialect group?

The meaning of prayings remain the same, it is all about offering to the ancestors, it is a form of MONEY to them . However, let us tell you a bit more about the josspaper.

The fully gold/silver paper is for the following dialect groups:

Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka

a mix of gold and silver in a bundle pack is for Hainanese and Cantonese

In the early days, the printing industry wasn't that developed, hence the joss paper is justa layer of gold foil on the paper. Later, when the printing method was more developed, people began to have the seal of good fortune and longevity images to bless their descendents. As people gets richer, and there comes the fully gold painted ink onto the joss paper.

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